Workshop sui Colori Naturali

Workshop in Natural Colors

May 25-27th, 2018

“Colour is the soul of nature and of the whole Cosmos, and by experiencing the life of colour, we participate in this soul.”
(Rudolf Steiner)

Why natural colours?

We are living in a world of colours in which all the surfaces (clothes, car, house, office and school) are coated with synthetic petrochemical resins and plastics. These components contain dyes composed largely of toxic heavy metals (e.g. a car’s metallic colour) and synthetic dyes (e.g. in toys, food…). They produce a huge amount of toxic waste that has been polluting the planet since the 1800s: air, water, plants and our bodies.
The colour of an object, often out of fashion after only one year, will remain unchanged for hundreds of years in the garbage dump, e.g. the metallized bodies of cars.
Today, even the wood of our furniture has become a non-recyclable waste, coated with layers of synthetic resins saturated with pesticides and fungicides. Surrounded by this toxic cocktail, we have forgotten our knowledge of natural dyes accumulated over thousands of years.
Natural earths (oxides) are now almost unobtainable, whereas a century ago they were an integral part of daily life, e.g. in watercolours, in pastels, in the house, in wall paper and in wood treatments.

The workshop:

During the weekend you will learn how to make your own watercolours, natural temperas, inks for drawing and writing, wall paints for green building, natural wood treatments and different ways of using them by means of the collection, preparation and use of local natural earths, natural resins, oils, casein and egg, and simple home-doable techniques.

The workshop could also be held in English or in German.

The teacher:

ROLAND KRAPPMANN began his training in the early 1980s in an alternative press collective where he learned about screen-printing, offset and photography. After that, together with a green building collective, he restored some traditional German houses made of wood, clay and straw. He started an artistic workshop and he painted cars, motorcycles and a number of traditional German circuses with the airbrush technique. Since 2010 he has lived in the “Il Vignale” EcoVillage in the Maremma area of Latium where he has created a 5 sq/ha permaculture project with a colours garden and a research laboratory on natural colours. He will soon publish a manual on DIY natural colours for drawing. Roland is also a clown, a juggler and a painter.

200 € for the workshop, board and lodging in a triple room
220 € for the workshop, board and lodging in a double room

Registration & Info:
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