OGA for Kids

Courses for the little ones

Grow and play Off Grid

The Off Grid Academy for Kids (OGA for Kids) will accompany the Off Grid Academy in its activities with free educational courses designed for children.
For us, the Academy is a community space where we learn to think so we can try to build the a life we want for ourselves and the world. This is done with a deep connection to our bodies and nature. The Academy treasures the existence of the OGA for Kids. It provides a continuous stimulus of our content throughout the early lives of children, which they then translate to adults in their own languages full of meaning.
There is a special gift in the exchange between young boys and girls and the dialogue that they create. Their perspective constantly brings new life to the dreams of utopia in our content, making it very necessary to preserve them from technicalities and specialization.
The lessons in the OGA for Kids provide boys and girls with the opportunity to play, experiment, and experience a community together with the educators of the Academy.
And in the spirit of the Off Grid community, there will naturally be interactions and moments of discovery between all people, big and small!
The labs creatively explore the elements of the natural world around us. This pattern is recreated in other courses so that adults can work with the curiosity and perspective of a child.
In each workshop, the children will be the focus of a kind of educational perspective that valorizes the person, autonomy, creativity, collaboration, and the heuristic value of curiosity and wonder.

Those responsible are Annalisa Puleo, Serena Martinelli, Silvia Martini and Donatella Bidini.