Practice and Theory to improve your lifestyle in an Off Grid Way

All courses have a ‘theoretical’ lecture and practical, hands-on workshop. At the end of the courses, we will be able to achieve in practice what we have learned and immediately change the way we live!

The OGA Geography

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Slow training

OG TECH I – Workshops and lessons to introduce and disseminate the Total Off Grid paradigm, aimed at a wide and diverse audience consisting of more than just technical professionals.

OG TECH II – Workshop and in-depth lessons on the topics and technologies of the Total Off Grid paradigm, for an audience of specialists.

Quick Training

OG Pro – Seminars and training courses to raise awareness among professionals dealing with architectural design and plant engineering in various capacities to provide them with the technical skills necessary to achieve environmentally sustainable interventions and / or off grid.

OG Com – Seminars and training courses for retailers and skilled workers who wish to learn about Total Off Grid techniques and technologies.

OGA for NGOs – Networking, vocational training, and training on off grid themes and technology, both for NGO staff and on-site operators as part of our international co-operation and emergency activities.

Kids and Youngs in Action

OGA for Kids – The Academy for young boys and girls which always accompanies the activities of adults. The workshops and experiences of OGA for Kids adopt a positive educational perspective, valorizing the person, autonomy, creativity, collaboration and the heuristic value of curiosity and wonder.

OG EDU – Training programs for students and teachers, organized by difficulty according to the ability level of the institutions involved, intended to instill schools with the values, issues, and methods of sustainability related to the Total Off Grid paradigm.

OG Camp – Work camp, volunteer camps, solidarity camps… in other words, life experiences (from a weekend up to 1 month) in which groups of young people live and work together in the frame of social ecology.

Leisure Fair

VOG – Vacation Off Grid – A full-blown vacation full of relaxing, fun, and discovery to learn and live the Total Off Grid lifestyle.

OG Chat – Read, chat, and exchange thoughts and opinions on the Total Off Grid and its variations.

OG Convivium – Pleasant discussions and good food, intended to satisfyingly explore the underlying questions and principles at the core of good living.

Off Grid Discourse

OG Phil – Seminars, workshops, and events to examine, debate, and work on the philosophical and humanistic background of the Total Off Grid paradigm – the elements that inspire the whole activity of the Off Grid Academy which in and of itself is a vehicle of diffusion.